Gun owners mixed on strengthening gun laws

President Obama may use executive authority to curb gun violence

Tampa, Fla (WFLA)  Tampa gun owners are mixed on whether beefing up legislation on gun ownership will make the streets safer.  President Obama is ready to get back to work, and on the top of his agenda, the nations gun laws.  He wants to address when he calls the nation's epidemic of gun violence.

At Shooting Sports in Tampa, opinions varied.  Jason Jamison feels laws to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands are warranted.   "I would like to see there be some sort of rules so that the crazies and those out there are unable to get guns easily."  Said Jamison.

Chris Sankey disagrees.  He feels those who are behind gun violence don't have any regard for the laws already on the books.  He feels adding additional laws would punish law abiding gun owners.  "A lot of the crimes you see, it's never really the responsible gun owners that have concealed carry licenses,"  Said Sankey.  "it's a lot of times people who are hell bent on committing crimes and those people are going to try and commit crimes anyways."

The president plans to meet with U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch  to discuss what actions he can take to reduce gun violence. He's expected to use executive action to strengthen background checks required for gun purchases, an approach that Republicans strongly oppose.  Among those ideas on the table, closing the loophole that allows people to buy guns without a background check on-line and at gun shows, and stopping people on the terror watch list, not allowed to fly on airplanes, from purchasing guns.

Bill Bunting, the Republican Party of Florida 2nd Amendment Chair believes the president's actions are politically motivated, and in the long run, will punish law abiding gun owners.  "They want to take away guns in the United States."  Said Bunting.  "They do not believe in the 2nd amendment and they don't even have it in their party platform, in the Democratic party they're so ashamed of the second amendment. "

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