Guinea Piggy-ween!

Daytime Web Staff - Guinea Piggie-ween with carefresh and PetSmart! 

Include your small pets in the holiday season with carefresh Special Edition seasonal beddings like Halloween Frank n Fun! These are only available for a limited time and only at PetSmart while supplies last.


The carefresh Colorful Creations line comes in six fun, bright colors that can be mixed into unique blends or used to create fun designs.  These are available all year long exclusively at PetSmart. Match room décor, use your favorite team colors, or create your own theme to match your pet's personality.


Best of all, pet parents and their small animals love carefresh bedding! It's safe and effective with odor control for 10 days, three times more absorbent than wood shavings and 99% dust free, which means easy clean up. It's the only bedding made from scratch using sustainable paper fiber, not post-consumer paper products like shredded paper towel or coffee filters. And it doesn't get mushy and stick to their habitat like other paper bedding products!


Purchase the Halloween and colorful creations bedding only at PetSmart and online at Read about best care for your Guinea pig here!


Sign up for club carefresh at for exclusive offers and information.

For more information see Kristen's blog post at

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