Curb the Makeup Meltdown

Why not improve the look of your skin while out enjoying the beach. However, foundation can be a bit too heavy.

There are many tinted moisturizers or BB creams that even out skin tone, have a built in primer and pore minimizers....and most importantly contain an foundation an SPF. You just want to be careful because unless its a broad spectrum SPF- its not necessarily going to provide the protection you need.

I like to wear a tinted moisturizer with at least an SPF of 15 broad spectrum. Just remember the rules of SPF- reapply every hour- especially after swimming.

There are powders now on the market that provide an SPF as well which offers better protection from the damaging rays.

When it comes to eye makeup- powder shadows are best as they hold up well in the heat. I like to use one shade across lid in a neutral color and if you wear a liner, wear waterproof liner with a waterproof mascara.

One area that you may want to accentuate are your brows. When you will in your brows- you frame your eyes and this alone will create a more open eye look. Use a waterproof pomade made for your brows. This is a more natural look and again- waterproof.

Blush- a nice peach or soft pink tones are best. Browns tend to get darker with heat. Bronzes look pretty initially, just keep in mind when oil from skin mix With the pigment in the makeup it will darken and look ruddy. Softer is safer.

Lips- I like to wear a gloss. It looks pretty and more natural. Just be sure to apply a chapstick with an SPF of 15 prior to your lipgloss. Lipgloss does not protect your lips from damaging rates and there's nothing worse than burned lips. If you prefer more lip color, line with a waterproof lip liner, fill in your lips then apply glosss

When it comes to your hair- don't forget to use an SPF made specifically for your hair.

Avoid wearing hair spray or sticky gel products. Burn part - wear SPF for body.  Also, before swimming in ocean or a pool- wet your hair thoroughly before hand. This will protect your color!!

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