Fax flub: Doctor yells at woman returning sensitive medical information

LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) - When Andrea Scarborough began receiving faxes at home containing the private medical information of people she didn't know, she knew something was wrong. She called the offices sending her the information and realized her number was incorrectly printed on a prescription pad at Doctor Today, a walk-in clinic, in Lakeland.

"I'm still shaking a bit because that was so over the top as far as yelling at me like I've done something major wrong here, and I don't see that I have," Scarborough SAID after an interaction she had with the clinic's owner and doctor, Jeetendra Issar.

"You committed a crime," Dr. Issar said to Scarborough when she returned the faxes that were sent to her home. "What you did is a crime."

Scarborough began receiving the faxes in January. She called the pharmacies that were sending the medical documents, along with the Department of Health and Human Services and Doctor Today. At first, Scarborough said, it was suggested she "unplug her fax machine."

She received a call Monday from a Doctor Today office administrator. "He said, 'Turn over all my paperwork. Turn over everything that I've gotten.' And they wanted to know how soon I could be here. When he called me yesterday he was a bit terse with me, and I suspect it's because he's been getting phone calls," Scarborough said.

When she arrived at the Doctor Today office in north Lakeland, she invited News Channel 8.

"Only she can talk," the office administrator said.

"No. I'm not going without somebody," Scarborough told the staff.

"Then you can go home," Issar said. But the conversation didn't stop there.

Issar became upset at many points and began pointing at Scarborough while telling her, "No, no questions."

"How can I be the criminal when these things are showing up at my house, unauthorized at my house?" Scarborough asked.

When News Channel 8 asked what the staff at Doctor Today have done to resolve the issue, we were told, "I need to speak with Mrs. Scarborough."



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