Better Call Behnken: Slow Internet speeds plague Hillsborough school

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) - Principal Kristine Bennett just wants the Internet to work at Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School.

"After Irma, something must have happened, and it wasn't with our equipment," Bennett said. "We've had third-party vendors come out and verify our equipment. We had at least eleven Frontier service calls."

The biggest headache has been student testing.

"We had some retakes in the fall for students, where we might have had a load of just 30 students, and those students were sitting for an hour just trying to get their tests to load," Bennett said.

Internal logs show the school has been experiencing slow Internet connection speeds, sometimes no speed at all.

Frontier couldn't figure out why this was happening, so the company bumped up its service at no cost while technicians investigated the problem.  Now the school is on their 300/300 mega speeds plan instead of the 75/75 plan.

The Internet at the school is decent, but the relief is temporary unless the school starts paying for their top-tier service.

"So for me, it's kind of like, you're paying for service on a car, the problem hasn't been fixed, but now your mechanic wants you to pay more for the service that you haven't received," Bennett said.

After the principal called Better Call Behnken for help, we contacted Frontier.

A spokesman tells us the company doesn't think the problem is on their end and they have no idea how this happened, but they promised to keep investigating.  Frontier has since agreed to let the school keep the fast speeds at least until February testing is over.

Bennett tells News Channel 8 she is relieved her students won't have to worry about slow speeds for testing in February and she hopes to figure out the problem soon.

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